This page is related to the Wiki of the Cooperative Human sEMantic dAta maNagement & Exploitation (CHEMANE) platform. CHEMANE platform is composed of several modules (MFS4UDB, QaRS, QaRS4UKB and TMA4KB) . Each module supplies several algorithms developped by the members of LIAS Laboratory.

Dedicated CHEMANE modules are following:

  • MFS4UDB: this module deals with the empty-answer problem in the uncertain relational database (SQL) context by proposing efficient approaches to find Minimal Failing Subqueries (MFSs) and maXimal Succeeding Subqueries (XSSs) of failing conjunctive queries.
  • QaRS: this module gives explanation for the failure of a SPARQL query and it performs relaxation of a SPARQL query in order to return top-k alternative answers.
  • QaRS4UKB: this module computes αMFSs and αXSSs of a failing RDF query for a given threshold α (αLBA algorithm) and it computes αMFSs and αXSSs of a failing RDF query for several thresholds (NLBA, Bottom-Up, Top-Down and Hybrid algorithm).
  • TMA4KB: this modules provides four algorithms: Base algorithm executes all subqueries of a failing query, BFS algorithm does not execute queries that have a succeedign superquery, Var algorithm BFS + uses a variable-based property to deduce query failure, Card algorithm Var + uses a cardinality-based property to deduce query failure.

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