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EnerQuery Documentation

EnerQuery is an energy-aware query optimizer framework. This framework leverages the PostgreSQL query optimizer by integrating energy dimension with many other features.


  • Operating System: Ubuntu Version 14.04 LTS or higher, Windows 7 or higher
  • Compiler: gcc version 4.8 or higher
  • Library: Qt 5.5 or higher
  • Watts Up? Pro power meter driver: Optional


All EnerQuery project files can be downloaded here:

  • enerquery.tar.gz archive file contains:
    • postgresql-9.4.5: our modified version of the PostgreSQL DBMS with the energy dimension * enerquery: the GUI developed to interact the users with the system
  • wattsup.tar.gz: contains the driver of Watts Up? PRO for both Linux and Windows
  • enerquery-demo.mp4: Is a demonstration video of EnerQuery framework

Build and Install


  • Amine Roukh, Ladjel Bellatreche, Carlos Ordonez: EnerQuery: Energy-Aware Query Processing. CIKM 2016
  • Amine Roukh, Ladjel Bellatreche, Nikos Tziritas, Carlos Ordonez: Energy-Aware Query Processing on Parallel Database Cluster Nodes. ICA3PP 2016
  • Amine Roukh, Ladjel Bellatreche: Eco-Processing of OLAP Complex Queries. DaWaK 2015
  • Amine Roukh, Ladjel Bellatreche, Ahcène Boukorca, Selma Bouarar: Eco-DMW: Eco-Design Methodology for Data warehouses. DOLAP 2015
  • Amine Roukh: Estimating Power Consumption of Batch Query Workloads. MEDI 2015

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