MoSaRT (Modeling oriented Scheduling analysis of Real-Time systems) is a model-based framework for design and analyze real-time systems. The underlying idea behind this proposal is to fill the gap between the academic real-time scheduling theory community and industrial practices. Since real-time systems need to be analyzed at an early stage of the development life-cycle in order to check if all the timing requirements are met, one of the main difficulties that the system designers face is to find the appropriate analysis tests helping to validate and/or to dimension properly their designs.Actually, research results have been exploited in industrial contexts only to a modest extent to date.

On the one hand, MoSaRT provides a graphical design language which is compliant with standard ones and which leads to get accurate design. One the other hand, MoSaRT also provides an analysis repository model playing the role of a storage of research studies enabling researchers to promote their works (e.g. analysis models, schedulability analysis, dimensioning tests), then to increase the applicability of the real-time scheduling analysis.


Manager : Mickael BARON, Yassine OUHAMMOU