MoSaRT is a tool for modelling real time systems in order to apply temporal analysis tests. It covers the modelling cycle via a graphical domain specific language, and aims to provide an oracle to select the best feasibility tests, and the best tools offering these tests for single processor cases, multiprocessor cases, and distributed cases.

This page describes how to prepare an execution of MoSaRT.

Software requirements

  • Java version >= 7.
  • An integrated development environment (i.e. Eclipse:
  • All operating systems that support at least the Java 7 version.


MoSaRT System can be downloaded at

The archive file ( is composed of the following plugins:

  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.analysisrepository
  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.analysisrepository.edit
  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.analysisrepository.editor
  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.modelinglanguage
  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.modelinglanguage.edit
  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.modelinglanguage.editor
  • fr.ensma.mosartproject.modelinglanguage.wizard

Install and configure Eclipse

  • Download an Eclipse Modeling Tools distribution (
  • Open Eclipse application and choose the workspace directory you've created previously
  • Go to the menu Help, open Install Modeling Components menu item
  • Install the following plugins dependencies:
    • OCL * SIRIUS * EEF
  • Select File => Import menu item
  • Select Existing Projects into Workspace item
  • On the Select root directory field, fill the complete path of the current workspace directory
  • From Projects list, select the projects and click on Finish

Execute MoSaRT

  • Select the modelinglanguage plugin
  • Open the context menu, select Run As => Run Configurations... menu item
  • Create a new Eclipse Application launch configuration
  • Choose a specific name and click on the Run button



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  • Yassine OUHAMMOU, Model-based Framework for Using Advanced Scheduling Theory in Real-Time Systems Design, Thesis, ISAE-ENSMA, december, 2013.

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